Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some of my crafts

I love to craft!!!!!

It's a boy!

Baby #3 is a boy!!! 
We are so so excited! I am 20 weeks today. 
We took a family vote tonight and the baby's name is going to be:

Drake Joseph Jones

The blue balloons flying out of the box was how we told the girls!
 Danae was so so excited and Kimber said "can I play with the balloons" 
Some of our family members were confused and asked if the 2 balloons meant that there were 2 babies....NOPE just the one.  But we have 2 girls that would have fought over just 1 balloon!
They are saying "BOY"

Very long post just for memories sake.....

I figured I should get this down before I forget all the details, cause I'm good at forgeting these days :0)  I'm doing this blog mostly so that I can print it someday and it can me my journal for my children to read.  That's why I want all the stuff in here, not just the good stuff, the sweet stuff, the funny stuff; I want them to know the things that thier parents went through as well, good or bad.

In August of 2011 I was having pain from what my doctor thought were ovarian cysts.  We had gone to Dickson, Tennesee to visit Joe's cousin and family.  I had some crazy pain, but chalked it up to the pain from the cysts (which my doctor told me were going to be very painful).  I told Joe that if I felt them again when we got back to Greenbrier that I'd make an appointment.  It happened again so Friday the 12th of August I went to see my Doctor, Amy Johnson.  She did an ultrasound and saw a cyst the size of a lemon on my left ovary.  Told me that we'd keep an eye on it but to just take pain killers for the pain.  I was already on birth control pills and usually that is what the perscribe for cysts.

Tuesday the 16th I had the worst pain yet so we went to the ER. They did another ultrasound and told us that we were 7 weeks 3 days pregnant! So we took the good news and pain and went home with instructions to go to our OB in the am and take pain medication when I hurt.  Danae was there with us and so we told her also and she was so excited.  The nurse was so sweet and took Danae to pick out stuffed animas for herself, Kimber and the new baby. 

Well I made it through the night but with lots and lots of pain, then I started passing out on Joe.  Joe said the first time I passed out on him was when I was trying to walk to Kimber's room to sleep in the recliner. I went down right under our wedding picture and he helped me down to the ground, he held me and kissed my cheek and I "came back to him" (his words :0)  He said it was kind of romantic).  The pain was unbearable in my shoulders which was odd to me but apparently pain in your ovaries refers to your shoulders and internal bleeding pools in your shoulders causing a lot of pain (which come to find out that was what was happening). We just figured this was all of the pain that the cysts can cause. 

That morning Joe said we are going back to the hospital.  I couldn't stand to walk without being in great pain so I crawled to the living room.  Joe tried to help me stand up and walk to the car but I passed out again, everytime I stood up I would pass out.  So Joe called his sister Candi (who at the time had two boys, Zeb 4 and Sy almost 1 and Ana Grace (born Nov 22) growing in her belly) to come over and help him get me in the car. So with her 7 month pregnant belly and her boys waiting in the car she picked up my legs and Joe got me under the arms and they loaded me in the car with me passed out.  I'm sure it would have been a sight for anyone watching.  We were on our way then.  Joe's parents had the girls so we didn't have to worry about them.  Every tiney tiny bump in the road hurt so bad, it was crazy! 

Back in the ER after what to me felt like forever, but I must admit I was enjoying the morphine....they determined that the pregnancy was actually an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy that had ruptured. They had missed it twice and didn't catch it until it ruptured and I was bleeding internally. They gave me 4 units of blood and did emergency surgery. The were able to save my ovary but they did have to take my left fallopian tube.  Doctor Ward did the surgery.  So what day are we on now....august 17th, I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days, I got to go home on Saturday.

I had great care, from the nurses, Doctor Johnson (who I still trust completely) and amazing friends!  Neil, Dionna, Cody and Courtney Hall came to see me.  Courtney Baughn who was so thoughtful and brought Joe dinner that first night after my surgery and then came back with Bethany Thibodeaux to visit.  Holly Hardy who came and walked with me to get me moving.  Jenni Roberts, brought me goodies and walked with me, then she and her awesome husband Steve had the girls spend 2 nights with them after I got to go home so Joe could take care of me.  My sweet adopted grandparents Granny Sue and Bob Williams. Brother Daniel, Gwenda and their son Jared.  My good friends Julia Sites, Jill Papa, and Kimberly Couvitier. There may have been more that I'm leaving out but I can't remember now, plus I was on drugs at the time, lol.  And all of these amazing people made us meals and were willing to do anything we needed!

My mom and dad came up to help me with the girls and everything around the house.

Joe had an Elk hunt already planned months and months ago and I was going to go stay with my family while he was doing that. We were supposed to leave Sept 6th, then all this happened so my mom and dad took me and the girls back with them, we stayed for 3 weeks, then we met back up with Joe after his hunt and came home. I'm was very anxious to be away from Joe and our home for that long but very excited to stay with my family for such a long time.

Doctors Visit

The girls have a little stethoscope and today Kimber said that she wanted to doctor me. So she brought me into the room and checked my heart and my arm. Then she said, in her sweet little voice, Now I go outside and you wait in here for a long time.  Then she left the room! Typical Doctor!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feeling Famous

I'm addicted to pinterest! But that's not the point of this blog. Focus. I made this wreath for my good friend Kimberly (so good that Kimber's name is because of her). I made it for her to hang outside the hospital door. Both times I got to go have a baby I never had one for my door, so I wanted to make sure she had one! Anyway, pinned it on pinterest and it got likes and repins on it! I tell u I felt famous!!

Super Powers

Today the girls were being especially......bratty! So I asked them in a frustrated tone why they weren't acting like big girls and Kimber said:

"Because we don't have our super powers anymore!"

So apparently acting like a big girl is a super power, in case you didn't know.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Halloween 2011

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake and a Kitty Cat