Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Came to cuddle with you

This morning Danae woke up way too early. Luckily Joe was up getting ready for work and he got her settled into cartoons and got her some orange juice (which is her favorite).  But about 15 minutes after Joe left I feel her come into our bad and get close to my face and whisper "Mom, I came to cuddle with you".  Made me so happy, she cuddled up to me and fell fast asleep again. And slept til 10:00!! Now if you know Danae you know she never takes naps, so for her to come back to bed was a major thing.  And I LOVED her cuddling with me!  Oh, let me clarify, I didn't get to sleep til 10:00! Kimber was up not long after Danae came to cuddle. And at 8:00 I watched my nephew Josiah (Sy) for my sister-in-law so she and Zeb could go to the dentist. We had a good time and Kimber enjoyed being my helper.  Danae slept the whole time Sy was here, she never even knew he came. When Danae did wake up I asked her why she came to cuddle with me and she said "well, I know you were lonely so that's why I came". Warmed my heart!