Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Came to cuddle with you

This morning Danae woke up way too early. Luckily Joe was up getting ready for work and he got her settled into cartoons and got her some orange juice (which is her favorite).  But about 15 minutes after Joe left I feel her come into our bad and get close to my face and whisper "Mom, I came to cuddle with you".  Made me so happy, she cuddled up to me and fell fast asleep again. And slept til 10:00!! Now if you know Danae you know she never takes naps, so for her to come back to bed was a major thing.  And I LOVED her cuddling with me!  Oh, let me clarify, I didn't get to sleep til 10:00! Kimber was up not long after Danae came to cuddle. And at 8:00 I watched my nephew Josiah (Sy) for my sister-in-law so she and Zeb could go to the dentist. We had a good time and Kimber enjoyed being my helper.  Danae slept the whole time Sy was here, she never even knew he came. When Danae did wake up I asked her why she came to cuddle with me and she said "well, I know you were lonely so that's why I came". Warmed my heart!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sweet little Kimber has entered into the terrible Twos! She demands things now and screams and well all the fun stuff that comes a long with this wonderful age.  So when she asks for something and forgets her manners I say: "ask nicely please" and she replies: "Nicely".  She is very good at following directions!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A star is born a star is burnt out....

Awhile back I was singing to Kimber and when got done she clapped for me and said again! Made me feel so good, like I could really sing!  Then last night I asked her if she wanted me to sing her a song and she said "no thank you" least she was polite right??  Well my stardom was short lived but great non the less!

The dreaded 30!!

On Sunday I turned 30 years old! And it was great, didn't feel doomed at all, actually felt excited.  It was such a great birthday, I felt so special and loved all day long and even through yesterday. My Grandpa Danny says that you are supposed to celebrate your birthday at least for a week and so far so good.....
Friday night we got home late from our turkey hunting trip in AZ. There were packages waiting! A card from my Aunt Vickie with birthday money (YES!) A gift with fun travel stuff and birthday money from my grandma and grandpa Fralie (YES!) and an awesome cupcake pan that you can fill cupcakes with yumminess and birthday money from my mom and dad to buy rainboots (YES!), and an awesome homemade button bracelet that is amazing! And a Shark Vac-then Steam that I had ordered!
Saturday my amazing sister-in-law took me for a girls night out. We got pedicures, went to eat at Panera Bread, went to the movies to see Water for Elephants and got there in time to get the cheaper priced tickets (woohoo), then we walked over to JCPenneys and Candi helped me pick out an outfit to wear to church.  Then to Starbucks and home to my sweet family.  When I got home Joe said the girls were waiting for hugs from me on our bed. So I went in there to cuddle them and Danae couldn't contain it any more she had to give me the birthday cards they had made me. Brought tears to my eyes, she had wrote (with her daddy's help of course) happy birthday mommy.
Then Sunday we headed to church, great day with friends and family there.  My great friend Kimberly surprised me with a gift, she knows I love to cook and entertain so it's a crock dish that has a metal holder  and a place for candles underneath to warm food.  After church we went to Joe's parents house. Joe's mom, Darlene, had put a purple table cloth on the table with beautiful flowers and pretty purple packages holding my presents.   She also made her amazing sub sandwiches and a chocolate cake.  My gift was a much wanted Kindle! I was so excited and surprised! Joe had told me that my new Shark Steam-then-Vac was my gift....goober! And I got some wonderful scrapbook paper from my brother-in-law, I love to scrapbook so this feeds my habit!  After all the festivities we headed home and I got to take a much needed/wanted nap! So amongst the birthday texts, phone calls, facebook messages and love from my family it was a great day!
Monday my college roommate Jill Papa, who miraculously moved to Conway Arkansas this past year took me to lunch at.....Panera Bread, (yes I think that I'm addicted to that place thanks to Candi)   And then my wonderful in laws who had already given me so much on Sunday took the whole family out to eat at Colton's Steakhouse!
So as of right now 30 isn't so bad! But I do think it came rather quickly! I was thinking that from 10 to 20 seemed to take a very long time! But 20 to 30 really flew by!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smells like Mom

I was cuddling Danae this morning and she laid on my chest and took a deep breath and told me "You smell like mom" I asked is that a good thing and she said "oh huh!" Made me feel very good!

allergic to raisins

Danae told me this morning "Mom, my tummy is allergic to raisins!" She wanted cereal and I told her the choices, raisin bran was one of them.